Master Classes include topics that we don't have time to cover in depth during the regular modules and that build on other topics. Recommended pre-courses are Module 3: Get to Know Your Target Clients and Module 4: Differentiate Yourself.


Master Class: Capability Statements

What are the key elements you need in a capability statement? Do you have one for each product line and service offering? Do corporate buyers even look at these? Take a deep dive into your capability statement(s) with us and find out why it's important, what to include, and what NOT to include. Wow them with your new improved capability statement!


At the end of this module, you will have:

  • A template for designing your capability statement.

  • Feedback on your capability statement and how to make it stand out.

  • Resources to help you!


When you register, we'll schedule a zoom call with you!

Diversity Masterminds Master Class: Capability Statements



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