Diversity Masterminds guides diverse suppliers in creating a roadmap for business growth by mastering their certification. 


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Starts Wednesday March 18th. Courses are for one hour every Wednesday at 9AM PT/Noon ET.


The coronavirus COVID19 has put a stop to “business as usual”

  • Companies are revisiting their travel plans and policies as well as sick leave and remote work policies
  • The implications for supplier diversity is that events may be smaller or cancelled completely
  • How do suppliers work with companies that have these challenges?
  • How do companies that still want diverse suppliers conduct outreach?
  • How does supplier diversity work if events are cancelled?


There will be SIX (6) Sessions instead of 8 with a focus on how to approach your strategy OUTSIDE of events.Included with each course is an ebook on RFPs, Certification Roadmap workbook and bonus material from partners.

Business UNusual DIVERSITY MASTERMIND SERIES on Wednesdays